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12:42 p.m. - 2022-05-17
A fistful of strawberry tarts **

I attended my scheduled dental checkup today and all went well. There's nothing like getting a clean and polish to top the visit. Except that is a trip across the high street to the bakers for some celebratory cakes. As I was getting served at the sugary confection counter, someone came into the shop and was waiting behind me. They saw everything I bought and as I turned to exit the shop, my dentist was standing right there. She frowned and quipped, Be seeing you very soon then? Caught red handed with a fist full of strawberry tarts, iced apple turnovers and pineapple cakes literally minutes after my dental checkup. I've still enjoyed eating them though. There nothing like a sweet sugary rush to improve my mood. It never seems to last though. I feel suitably guilty and have since booked my next checkup.



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